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Omega Chi Epsilon
The National Honor Society for Chemical Engineering



Omega Chi Epsilon Newsletter
Volume XXXIV, Number 1
April 2010

Omega Chi Epsilon Business Meeting Minutes and Newsletter
Monday November 9, 2009
Cheekwood A (Level M)
Gaylord Opryland Convention Center
Nashville, TN

  1. 11:15 AM, Call to Order and Welcome – President G. Glenn Lipscomb
  2. Attendees were introduced. An attendance sheet was circulated. Twelve members attended.
  3. The 2008 Meeting Minutes were approved.
  4. President’s Report: G. G. Lipscomb
    • Members may purchase stole, honor chords, and banners from the national web site.
    • Mathematica is offering a limited number of software licenses to OXE student members. Students will be selected randomly from new initiates that indicate that they wish to be considered for selection. Students will be selected from chapters to report new members before December 15 of each year.
    • The OXE domain names will be renewed through GoDaddy.
    • Glenn will consult with Angie Perna, our ACHS representative, regarding trade marking the society name as an honor society and copyrighting the key. If the society name is trademarked, chapters will be granted permission to use the name on t-shirts, etc.
    • Chapters were reminded to request one award plaque. Chapters are free to develop their own selection criteria. Most chapters give the award to a faculty member, student, or staff member who performs extraordinary service or scholarship in the department.
  5. Executive Secretary Report: R. A. Davis
    • The 2009 annual report was reviewed. Chapters were encouraged to use the OXE services, including stationary, envelopes, membership cards, brochures, and the OXE award, all of which is provided to the chapters annually at no cost.
    • The chapters were also reminded about the stoles, honor chords, and jewelry that are available to recognize student membership and graduation.
  6. Treasurer’s Report: W. P. Walawender
    • The finances of the organization, as listed in the annual report, were reviewed.
    • The society’s fund balance continues to grow and is in good shape.
  7. ACHS Representative Report: W.P. Walawender
    • We did not send a representative to the ACHS meeting this year.
    • Walter will attend the 2010 ACHS meeting in Boston if Angie is unable to attend.
    • Chapters with tax-id numbers should respond to IRS mailings. Chapters need not do anything if they have not heard from the IRS.
  8. Discussion Topics – G. Glenn Lipscomb
    • OXE does not currently own the Copyright/trademark on the name of the society. Glenn will investigate the process and cost of obtaining the copyright.
    • WPI received their charter in the Spring, 2009
    • Hampton has not yet communicated its intentions for chartering.
    • Inquiries for new chapters were received from UVA, Colorado School of Mines. Inactive chapters PSU, TAMU-Kingsville have made contact and are working on revitalizing their chapters.
    • The society handshake will no longer be described as “secret” on the web site.
    • In the Spring 2009, the chapters will vote on an amendment to the constitution to change the accreditation language to include only ABET now that AIChE no longer accredits programs. There will be no penalty applied to current chapters that lose their accreditation. We want to keep ABET accreditation in the requirement to maintain quality. For example, several international programs are seeking and receiving ABET accreditation. Requests from international programs for OXE chapters are still under consideration. ABET accreditation will become important as online degree programs are considered in the future.
    • We received a request for waiver of initiation fees for students with financial needs. It was concluded that individual chapters should make their own arrangements to accommodate these requests. For example, they may elect to increase the chapter fee and use the extra funds to cover the cost all initiates as needed.
    • A request was made to add a link to Experience on the national society web site.
  9. The meeting participants were thanked for their service and the meeting was adjourned at 12:15 pm. An appreciation lunch was provided for all attendees.

Summary of Action Items

  • Add a check box to initiation forms for students to be considered for Mathematica license – Walter
  • Consult with ACHS about trade marking name – Angie
  • Investigate cost of copyright for society names – Glenn
  • Remove word “secret” from handshake on web site and initiation ceremony - Glenn
  • We are starting the 2nd year of two-year trial for Experience web career service. Glenn will add a link to the national web site - Glenn

Respectfully submitted by Richard Davis, OXE Executive Secretary
Tuesday, January 19, 2010