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Omega Chi Epsilon Business Meeting Minutes and Newsletter - 2008
Monday November 17, 2008
Meeting Room 102-A
Pennsylvania Convention Center
Philadelphia, PA


  1. Call to Order and Welcome – G. Glenn Lipscomb
  2. Attendees were introduced. An attendance sheet was circulated.
  3. 2007 Meeting Minutes were approved.
  4. President’s Report: G. G. Lipscomb
    • Domain names were acquired for OmegaChiEpsilon.org, com, net, etc were secured.
    • Officer elections. Ballots were given to attendees. Chapters were reminded to vote on the OXE web site.
    • Chapter advisors reported that they are not receiving the national mailings. The national officers are working to improve communication with the chapters. Currently all mailings go to chapter advisors due to issues of continuity with students.
    • A web based career service that matches up students with internships and permanent positions, Experience, has offered its services to OXE at no cost or obligation. The service targets honor societies. Several societies are presently using the service without complaint. We agreed to use the service on a trial basis of two years.
  5. Executive Secretary Report: R. A. Davis
    • The 2008 annual report was reviewed. Chapters were encouraged to use the OXE services, including stationary, envelopes, membership cards, brochures, and the OXE award, all of which is provided to the chapters annually at no cost. The chapters are interested in learning more about the various criteria used for giving the award. Glenn Lipscomb will tabulate the reasons given by the chapters on the request form.
    • The chapters were also reminded about the stoles, honor chords, and jewelry that are available to recognize student membership and graduation.
  6. Treasurer’s Report: W. P. Walawender
    • The finances of the organization, as listed in the annual report, were reviewed.
  7. ACHS Representative Report: A. J. Perna
    • The new IRS rules for non-profit organizations were discussed. The rules apply to organizations with greater than $25,000 income annually. Chapters with tax-id numbers should respond to IRS mailings. Chapters need not do anything if they have not heard from the IRS.
  8. Discussion Topics – G. Glenn Lipscomb
    • New Chapters (TAMU-Qatar, FIT, Maine, Hampton, National University of Mexico which was ABET accredited)
    • Angie cautioned us to be careful when considering international chapters because of the difficulty in maintaining the academic standards.
    • OXE does not currently own the Copyright/trademark on the name of the society. Glenn will investigate the process and cost of obtaining the copyright.
    • AIChE Award Sponsorship –
      • We decided that our sponsorship include a statement that awards are given subject to awardees meeting a minimum standard reflective of the standards of OXE.
      • It was agreed to increase the sponsorship of the student design award to $300 per team member. This makes the award in line with the average award amount for the individual competitions.
  9. Other Business
    • Walter Walawender made stated, “We have no paid officers, staff, and no physical buildings or offices.”
    • Walter will prepare this statement in writing.
  10. The meeting was adjourned at 12:15 pm.

Summary of Action Items

  • Improve communication by checking accuracy of the advisor contact information (Richard and Walter)
  • Agree to use Experience web career service on 2-year trial basis (Glenn)
  • Tabulate reasons provided by chapters for selected OXE Award winners (Glenn)
  • Investigate process and cost of copyrighting OXE name (Glenn)
  • Increase team design award amount to $300/team member (Glenn and Walter)
  • Written statement that OXE has no paid staff or office space (Walter)

Respectfully submitted by Richard Davis, OXE Executive Secretary
Thursday, December 11, 2008

Omega Chi Epsilon Business Meeting Minutes and Newsletter - 2007
Monday November 5, 2007
Salt Lake City, UT

  1. The meeting was called to order at 11:15 AM.
  2. Meeting attendees were introduced.
  3. 2006 Meeting Minutes were approved.
  4. President’ Report
    • The OXE domain name expires 1/3/2008. Glenn will renew the omegachiepsilon.com domain name with Go Daddy and transfer all files to that server.
    • It was noted that the OXE initiation ceremony is available on-line. Other items for conducting chapter business are available, including order forms for materials.
    • Walter noted that there is no replica of the key in the online ceremony. He will get that information to Glenn to post on the OXE web site.
    • Glenn reminded chapters to vote on the petition for a new chapter at WPI. Chapters can vote on-line, by mail, or during the business meeting.
  5. Secretary’s Report
    • Richard reported the membership statistics from the past year. The information is in the annual report.
    • Only 18 chapters ordered and OXE award. Glenn demonstrated the web site for ordering the OXE award plaque and other on line items. Angie explained that the criteria for ordering the plaques are up to each individual chapter.
  6. Treasurer’s Report
    • Walter presented the revenue and expenses from the annual report.
    • We had over 300 in attendance at our Diamond Jubilee reception in San Francisco. A diamond Jubilee plaque was mailed to each chapter. The cost of the Diamond Jubilee plaques and reception resulted in deficit spending for last year.
    • Stoles are not selling. Walter recommends we discontinue placing orders for an advanced stock. Chapters can still buy stoles and chords on demand.
  7. Past President/ACHS Representative Report
    • Angie reported on ACHS activities. He explained that ACHS maintains the standards of honor societies. This gives OXE official recognition. For example, the Fed Gov gives employees one additional step if they were inducted into an honor society.
  8. New Business
    • Glenn enquired about student interest in OXE swag. Students expressed interest in t-shirts. The web site queensboro.com charges a one-time fee of $50 to upload the OXE logo. Chapters can place orders for swag at this site for as little as 4 items at a time. Walter will look into other options including our current vendor for stoles and chords.
    • Walter is talking to the OXE accountants regarding the new IRS rules for filing 990-N electronic reporting. He will provide us with a report.
    • Several students at the student banquet or awards ceremony expressed interest in starting new chapters of OXE at their schools.
    • There was discussion on how chapters can avoid overloading students by cooperation with other clubs and societies. Walter reminded us that OXE is about recognition of academic achievement - which AIChE does not do, for example. Angie pointed out that the students cannot be divided into different student groups because many of our students are also involved in AIChE. OXE typically meets less frequently than AIChE.
  9. The meeting adjourned for lunch at 12 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Richard Davis, OXE Executive Secretary.

Omega Chi Epsilon Business Meeting Minutes and Newsletter - 2006
11:15 AM, November 13, 2006
San Francisco, CA

2005 Meeting Minutes were approved.

  1. President’ Report
    • Angie reported that the Otto York honorary membership process is complete. The voting information can be removed from the OXE web site.
    • Glenn pointed out that chapters can vote for the national officers at http://www.che.utoledo.edu/oxe/nationalvote.cfm.
    • Another letter to request votes either electronically or by paper ballot was suggested.
    • There was a request to list chapter OXE awardees on the national web site.
    • It was further suggested that a web page be created to provide training for chapter officers.

  2. Secretary’s Report
    • Richard reported the statistics from the past year. The information is in the annual report.

  3. Treasurer’s Report
    • Walter noted that Northeastern University has not been reporting information about new initiates.
    • Walter displayed an example of the Diamond Jubilee plaque. One plaque will be mailed to each chapter.

  4. ACHS Representative's Report
    • Angie reported on ACHS activities. Ethics is the main focus of ACHS. It is the feeling of ACHS that upholding strong ethical values is a defining characteristic of honor societies. OXE was recognized for their 75th anniversary. Contacts with vendors were strengthened at the ACHS meeting.

  5. New Business
    • It was decided not to continue with the OXE reception following the AIChE reception. At future events, the banner will be used to increase the visibility of OXE.

Omega Chi Epsilon Business Meeting Minutes - 2005
10:30 AM, October 31, 2005
Room 204, Cincinnati Convention Center
Cincinnati, OH

Announcements and Introductions

  • A motion was made to pass last year’s minutes. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

President’s Report

  • Our domain name registration with Go Daddy was renewed so we can retain the www.omegachiepsilon.org URL.
  • The initiation ceremony was put on the website.
  • The President reminded members to vote on the York Honorary membership.

Treasurer’s Report

  • For the 2004/2005 fiscal year, Omega Chi Epsilon received approximately $20,500 in receipts and had approximately $15,000 in expenditures leaving a total account balance of $94,000.
  • 20 of 71 active charters have not reported this year.
  • The Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Detroit-Mercy has closed their department and will no longer be reporting students.
  • Washington University (St. Louis, MO) mentioned that enrollment is very low.
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute was presented a new charter and became the βΩ chapter of Omega Chi Epsilon.
  • The treasurer reminded members that one “Omega Chi Epsilon Award” plaque is available to all chapters at no cost. The plaques cost $20 each.
  • OXE spent between $4,600 and $4,700 on AIChE competitions this year including the ChemE car, student poster, and student design competitions.
  • The Treasurer’s report was accepted.

Executive Secretary’s Report

  • The Executive Secretary processes all supplies requests, Omega Chi Epsilon Award requests, and submissions of new officers. The secretary also maintains a membership log and tracks purchases of keys, tacs, stoles, and cords.
  • 770 new members were initiated this year compared to 814 members last year. Total membership is 23,933.
  • Omega Chi Epsilon sponsored 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards for the National Student Paper and Individual Design competitions.
  • Omega Chi Epsilon also sponsored the 1st place award for the Team Design competition.
  • The Student Paper and Design awards cost $4500 (including an additional $100 for a 2nd place tie in the paper competition).
  • 25 gold-plate keys and tacs were sold – 100% increase over the previous year.
  • 247 cords and 166 stoles were sold.
  • 15 OXE awards were given.


  • Angie Perna reported on the national meeting of the Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS). Omega Chi Epsilon is an active member of ACHS.
  • The President suggested a “Longevity” award/plaque/banner to recognize chapters that have been active for the longest period of time.
    • Some members commented that it would be better to recognize all chapters.
    • Alternatively, attendees suggested giving a commemorative coin for each year that could be attached to a chapter plaque. The OXE symbol could be put on the coin or a casting could be used in lieu of a coin.
  • The President initiated the idea of the 75th Anniversary Scholarship Competition
    • Deadline for submission is June 1.
    • Each chapter will do something special to recognize the 75th anniversary.
    • Participating chapters will send in email, pictures, or videos.
    • Judges will be solicited from departments without participating chapters and offer $500 for their service.
    • Advertisements will be submitted via a letter to individual department chairs.
    • Winners will be announced at the 2006 Chapters Brunch.
    • Honorable mentions will be given to the sixth through tenth place.
  • The President suggested creating an annual OXE Service/Outstanding Student chapter award in the amount of $500 to $1,000.
  • A member noted that the Omega Chi Epsilon Business meeting should be included in the Student Program book.
  • A motioned was made, seconded and passed to put the University of Detroit-Mercy on the inactive chapters list.
  • Members were reminded that they should use the banner during ceremonies.  Banners may be purchased through the OXE web site (http://www.omegachiepsilon.org) for $45.
  • The banner should be displayed during student paper, poster, and design competitions to remind students that OXE sponsors these events.
  • It was recommended that an OXE poster be placed near the registration booths to help in recruiting new chapters.

Omega Chi Epsilon Business Meeting Minutes - 2004
6 PM, November 8, 2004
Mezzanine Room 8 (Level 2 South), Austin Convention Center
Austin, TX

Angie Perna, Advisor, New Jersey Institute of Technology, ACHS Representative
Glenn Lipscomb, Advisor, University of Toledo, National President
Richard Davis, Advisor, University of Minnesota, Duluth, National Executive Secretary
Walter Walawender, Advisor, Kansas State University, National Treasurer
Monica Lamm, Advisor, Iowa State University
Christi Patton, Advisor, University of Tulsa
Jim Smith, Advisor, University of Alabama at Huntsville
Nada Arid, Manhattan College
Sarah Gladding, University of Cincinnati
Britton Eyles, Mississippi State University

Lipscomb called the meeting to order.

Several corrections were requested in the 2003 Annual Meeting minutes: 1) change “Patten” to “Patton” in both locations that it appears, 2) change “Atulkumar” to “Atul Kumar” in the one location that it appears, 3) change “… increased from $80 to $100 …” to “… increased to $100 …”, and 4) change “… fee to $100.” to “… fee to $150.”. With these modifications the minutes were approved.

Davis reported on membership and chapters. 814 new memberships were reported – an increase of ~40% over the previous year. The University of Arizona and University of Tulsa were chartered as new chapters. A new chapter has been approved for RPI but they have not received their charter. 18 chapters did not report new members. 13 jewelry items were sold (all gold-plate key and tacs). 19 Omega Chi Epsilon Award plaques were provided to chapters.

Walawender reported on the financial status for year end May 31, 2004. Revenues exceeded expenses by $1,707, but this is a significant drop from net income for year end May 31, 2003. The current balance is $88,743. Award expenses, for the AIChE national student design and paper competitions, were $4,908.

Perna, Omega Chi Epsilon’s representative to the American College Honor Society (ACHS), re-iterated the importance of being associated with ACHS.

Lipscomb reported The Society for Leadership of Change (www.theslc.org) was interested in contacting our members. It was decided not to act on this request.

Lipscomb recommended that future chapters add a dissolution article to their bylaws and proposed language for it. The recommendation was approved and the article has been added to the model by-laws for new chapters (http://www.omegachiepsilon.org/new.htm).

Lipscomb asked if a membership database should be made available to the public. Walawender retains paper copies of the membership lists and Davis maintains a database. It was decided not to make this information available through the web site.

Some chapters report not receiving membership certificates. This was attributed to advisors not distributing the certificates when they receive them.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:00 PM.

Omega Chi Epsilon Business Meeting Minutes - 2003
5:45 PM, November 17, 2003
Union Square 19, San Francisco Hilton
San Francisco, CA

Duane Johnson, Advisor, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
Angie Perna, Advisor, New Jersey Institute of Technology, ACHS Representative
Glenn Lipscomb, Advisor, University of Toledo, National President
Richard Davis, Advisor, University of Minnesota, Duluth, National Executive Secretary
Toby Eubank, Advisor, Texas A&M University, National Past President
Walter Walawender, Advisor, Kansas State University, National Treasurer
Julie Jessop, Advisor, University of Iowa
Douglas Ludlow, Advisor, University of Missouri-Rolla
Hing Pang, Advisor, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, National VP
Frank King, Advisor, North Carolina A&T University
James Henry, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga
Christi Patton, Advisor, University of Tulsa
Chintan Menta, University of Tulsa
Atul Kumar, University of Tulsa

Lipscomb called the meeting to order.

Walawender moved to accept the 2002 Annual Meeting minutes. Pang seconded and the minutes were passed by all present.

Davis reported that membership was maintained at 507 in 2002. There were no new chapters and 21 non-reporting chapters.

Walawender reported on the year 2002 financial status. Income exceeded expenses by $3500. However, our net income is decreasing every year. It was noted that some money is tied up in inventory, such as banners. The current balance is $87,500.

The Society provided most of the prizes for the AIChE-sponsored national student design and paper competitions, a total of $4,500. The society also provided stationary and a supply of banners, stoles and chords for the chapters.

Walawender recommended that the new chapter fee be increased to $100 plus $50 for a banner. Johnson moved to increase the new chapter initiation fee to $150. Perna seconded and the motion was passed by all present.

Walawender also noted that AIChE did not supply a booth this year. He reminded members that all supplies can be ordered on-line through the national website.

Eubank announced that the next national officer election will be held in April 2004. Additionally, we will have two new chapters: University of Tulsa and University of Arizona.

Perna, Omega Chi Epsilon’s representative to the American College Honor Society (ACHS), re-iterated the importance of being associated with ACHS.

Patton asked where the society’s income comes from. Walawender responded that the primary source is new member’s fees.

King asked why the new member fee was raised. Walawender responded that due to declining membership it was necessary to raise the fee to operate without a deficit.

Perna asked whether the society’s website was linked to that of AIChE. Lipscomb responded that there was no direct link, but one could be established.

Perna suggested that alumni could be approached for donations. Jessop pointed out that we do not have a record of alumni’s addresses.

Perna moved to adjourn the meeting. Pang seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 7:00 PM.

Omega Chi Epsilon Business Meeting Minutes - 2002
5:30 PM, November 4, 2002
Grand Canyon A, Hyatt Regency
Indianapolis, IN

Duane Johnson, Advisor, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
Laura Dong, Student President, Mississippi State University
John Reed, Student Vice President, Mississippi State University
Gordon Youngquist, Advisor, Iowa State University
Angie Perna, Advisor, New Jersey Institute of Technology, ACHS Representative
Glenn Lipscomb, Advisor, University of Toledo, National President
Richard Davis, Advisor, University of Minnesota, Duluth, National Executive Secretary
Toby Eubank, Advisor, Texas A&M University, National Past President
Walter Walawender, Advisor, Kansas State University, National Treasurer
Julie Jessop, Advisor, University of Iowa
Douglas Ludlow, Advisor, University of Missouri-Rolla
Hing Pang, Advisor, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, National VP

Lipscomb called the meeting to order.

Walawender moved to accept the 2001 Annual Meeting minutes. Johnson seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

Davis reported 665 new memberships in 2001, slightly higher than the 645 in 2000. There were two new chapters and 19 non-reporting chapters. 21 out of 65 chapters ordered outstanding student awards. Some chapters presented awards to outstanding faculty members or advisors. He reminded everyone to encourage chapters to order awards. Individual chapters define the criteria for the awards.

Walawender reported on the year 2001 financial status.

  • Receipt - $20,200 including credits for sales of cords and stoles
  • Payout - $15,100 including purchase of cords and stoles
  • Balance - $82,500
Walawender reminded the audience that the Executive Committee approved an increase in the one-time membership fee from $15 to $20.

Eubank praised the current president for his good work this past year, especially on the national website. He also reported that at Texas A&M all student organizations, including Omega Chi Epsilon, were under scrutiny by the university’s administration. The Chapter’s by-laws might have to be modified to satisfy the administration’s specific requirements. The university also wanted students to wear the university’s designated honors stoles instead of Omega Chi Epsilon stoles during the graduation ceremony.

Walawender re-emphasized the importance of maintaining an association with ACHS which maintains standards and polices membership for honor societies.

Other Discussion Topics:

  • Finances - Lipscomb reported that with student membership going down, the $5 increase in membership fee would help to pay for rising expenses.
  • New Chapters - Lipscomb will contact Taft, RPI and Vanderbilt which showed interest in starting new chapters. Pang will contact USC which has been inactive for many years and University of California at Riverside and California State University at Long Beach. Other schools showing interest are Florida State, Worcester, UCLA, and Oregon State.
  • Chapter Supplies - Walawender showed a sample of the new banner available in January 2003 for new and existing chapters. The fee per banner has not been set but will likely be $50. Chapters can order them from the website. The banner will be used for new chapters in their initiation ceremony, and the fee for the banner will be included in the initiation fee.
  • National Web Page - Advisors can request their password from Lipscomb to access protected portions of the website.
  • Initiation Ceremony - Jessop asked whether the initiation ceremony had been updated recently. Lipscomb said the national society’s suggested ceremony had not been changed for many years. He reminded everyone that individual chapters could change the format of the ceremony to suit their own needs. Dong said Mississippi State followed a different format. The ceremony included a keynote speaker and the dinner was less formal than suggested. Walawender said in Kansas State the ceremony was conducted in a chapel. Lipscomb said Ohio University conducted their ceremony in a barn. Walawender asked everyone to send suggestions to Lipscomb who would put together a revised version of the ceremony.

The following discussion on how to increase membership was recorded:

  • Pang suggested that the President write to advisors of non-reporting chapters in an attempt to re-activate them. The Alpha chapter of University of Illinois will be reactivated formally in December 2002.
  • Reed asked why membership went down. Walawender said the main reason was that chemical engineering enrollment went down. Reed suggested that perhaps awarding undergraduate research scholarships would help.

Walawender moved to adjourn the meeting, Eubank seconded and the meeting adjourned at 7:00 PM.

Omega Chi Epsilon Business Meeting Minutes - 2001
5:30 PM, November 5, 2001
Sierra 1 Room, Reno Hilton
Reno, NV

Attendees: Hing Pang, Duane Johnson, Brian Kienietz, Gordon Youngquist, Angie Perna, Glenn Lipscomb, Richard Davis, Toby Eubank, Walter Walawender, Benny Freeman

Lipscomb called the meeting to order.

Walawender moved to accept the 2000 Annual Meeting minutes. Davis seconded and the motion was passed unanimously.

Davis reported that new memberships for 2000-2001 totaled 645, down from 826 in 1999-2000. Only 1/3 of the chapters ordered Omega Chi Epsilon Awards. Everyone should get the word out to encourage chapters to order awards. If a chapter wants an additional award it will cost $18/award. It takes about 3 weeks once an order is placed to receive the award. Davis suggested if the school name or the person’s name is wrong, it is easier to create a new plate locally and glue on the plaque instead of reordering it.

Davis further reported that 20 chapters were non-reporting. Of these chapters, 14 were inactive and 6 indicated willingness to continue.

There were two new chapters: Ohio University and University of Alabama at Huntsville. Two universities asked for information: RPI and McGill in Canada.

Walawender reported on the year 2000 financial status.

  • Receipt- $15,400
  • Payout- $13,900
  • Bank account- $77,400
  • Receivable- $3600 mainly from stoles sold
  • Balance- $81,000
Walawender reminded the audience that the IRS requires individual chapters to have separate Tax ID’s if they establish a bank account.

Lipscomb reported that it was likely Alpha Chapter, University of Illinois, and Gamma Chapter, University of Minnesota, would be reactivated. Currently there are 69 chapters representing ~1/2 of the chemical engineering departments in the US. He also commented that our publicity table was placed in a good location at this meeting.

Perna reported on ACHS, the Association of College Honor Societies. He stated that it was important for us to be associated with ACHS; ACHS maintains high standards and polices membership which gives our organization credibility. He further emphasized that we should use GPA for membership qualification, not percentage (such as 20%) of student body.

Lipscomb warned that the current drop in enrollment in chemical engineering would certainly cause a drop in membership. With declining interest rates and rising expenses, we should consider increasing membership fees at some point. Perna suggested increasing fees now while Walawender noted that only two raises have occurred in the last 18 years. The executive committee must approve an increase in fees, and the approval process could be accomplished before the next academic year. It was suggested that we watch the financial situation this year and revisit our financial status in June 2002. Lipscomb will act to increase fees at that time if necessary.

The following discussions on admitting international schools were recorded:

  • Our constitution states that universities must be ABET accredited to qualify for a charter, so only US schools may join.
  • To accommodate Canadian school, the constitution must be amended.
  • Perna warned that we should consider the effect of admitting international schools on compliance with ACHS standards.
  • Lipscomb will explore a constitutional amendment and prepare a proposal to admit international schools through e-mail before the end of the year. He will further investigate how Canadian schools are accredited.

Johnson commented that the use of candles did not provide sufficient lighting during the initiation ceremony. Perna suggested that we reconsider the entire initiation ceremony. Perhaps it’s time to change the symbols and the cross on the banner and also the language in the ceremony. Walawender asked everyone to send suggested revisions to Glenn.

Miscellaneous items:

  • Lipscomb reported that our domain name has been renewed for two years.
  • Lipscomb has written a one-page Advisor’s manual and will send it to everyone for feedback.
  • Davis suggested creating a bulletin board on our web page so that individual chapters could post activities on it.
  • 25 brochures and 40 How to Start a New Chapter fact sheets placed on the publicity desk were taken during the conference.
  • Davis was re-appointed Executive Secretary.
  • Eubank will prepare for election of officers in 2002.

Johnson moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:00 PM. The motion passed unanimously.

Omega Chi Epsilon Business Meeting Minutes - 2000
7 PM, November 13, 2000
Room 303 Los Angeles Marriott Hotel
Los Angeles CA

Attendees: R. A. Davis, P. T. Eubank, E. Gogley, D. D. Johnson, G. G. Lipscomb, K. H. Pang, A.J. Perna, M. Prudich, R. Sutana, W. P. Walawender

The new president Lipscomb introduced new officers and moved to accept minutes of the 1999 business meeting as printed and distributed. The motion was seconded and approved.

Pang reported on Cal Poly, Pomona’s Upsilon chapter’s activities. The most significant was the outreach effort by the students to increase enrollment in the Chemical Engineering Department and the hosting of graduates and their families in a graduation luncheon.

Davis reported activities in Duluth, Minnesota which included new student orientation, maintaining student lounge, tutoring freshmen and setting up demonstrations in junior high schools. He reported adding two new chapters in 1999-2000 and 826 new members. One new chapter will be chartered in 2001. However, one-third of the chapters did not report new members. The current memberships totaled 20,457. He encouraged chapters to order jewelry and stoles early to avoid delays in delivery. He also encouraged chapters to nominate an outstanding member in their chapters and the national organization would award a plaque at no cost to the chapters. So far, only one-third of the chapters has applied for this award.

Walawender reported that the financial status of the organization was sound. The balance sheet was sent to each chapter. Some of the money in the account was put into a certificate of deposit to earn higher interest.

Past president Eubank welcomed the new officers. He expressed concern that there were no chapters in the North West. UC Berkeley and University of Washington were interested. University of Southern California had become inactive for many years. He was pleased that Pang (from Cal Poly, Pomona) represented the West as a new officer. He may be able to develop closer relationships with the universities in the Western States and to encourage them to become members.

Perna, Omega Chi Epsilon’s (OXE) representative to the Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS), emphasized that students must attain academic excellence before they were invited to join OXE and individual chapters should ensure that these standards were met. Pang asked whether foreign universities are eligible to join OXE. Perna and Eubank expressed their opinion that it was difficult to police the academic standards of foreign universities; it might be better not to include them at this time. They further suggested that we might use the AIChE accreditation as a guideline to admit a foreign chapter. This was a discussion and no motion was proposed.

Discussion topics

  • Change of National Leadership
    New President: G. Glenn. Lipscomb
    New Vice President: K. Hing Pang
    Executive Secretary: Richard Davis
    Treasurer: Walter P. Walawender
  • New Chapters
    University of Alabama, Huntsville has applied for a charter. Votes of approval will be sent out December 2000.
  • Chapter Banners
    In the past, there were no standard banners. Each chapter made its own out of any material it chose. There was a suggestion that a standard banner be designed, fabricated and used by every chapter. Several colors for the banner were proposed. Informal polls were conducted to pick one design. The cost per banner, depending on the total number to be ordered ranged from $40-$80. Letters will be sent to chapters to ask for commitment to purchase banners.
  • Stole
    It was suggested that chapter officers wear stoles for the initiation ceremony and that ceremony document should be re-written to reflect this change.
  • Annual Business meeting and Appreciation Luncheon
    It was proposed that in order to increase participation by members, the next business meeting is to held on Monday at 5.30 p.m. and the appreciation dinner is to be replaced by a luncheon on Tuesday. In addition to the chapter advisor, one representative from each chapter will be invited to the luncheon.
  • National Web Page
    Lipscomb proposed that we purchase a domain name “omegachiepsilon” for $35. Johnson seconded the motion which passed by a majority vote.
  • Increase Visibility of Society
    Several activities were in place to increase OXE’s exposure in the annual AIChE conference in Los Angeles:
    • Sponsored prizes in AIChE student paper and design competitions.
    • Received recognition in AIChE student awards luncheon.
    • OXE logo was displayed on the award luncheon program.
    • A booth was set up in the AIChE registration area.

    To further increase the visibility of the society, the following suggestions were made:
    • Change booth location to inside AIChE registration area.
    • Request 1-2 minutes for introducing the society at the student award luncheon. Provide the emcee of the luncheon with an information card briefly describing the society.

The meeting was adjourned at 9.00 p.m.

Omega Chi Epsilon Business Meeting Minutes - 1999
November 1, 1999
Wyndham Anatole Hotel
Dallas, TX

The Annual Business Meeting of Omega Chi Epsilon was held Monday, November 1, at 7:00 PM in the Manchester Room of the Wyndham Anatole Hotel with faculty advisors and student members in attendance. Light snacks and soft drinks were available from 7:00 until about 7:20 PM when the meeting began.

Call to Order at 7:20 PM: P. T. Eubank

Welcoming of Advisory Committee Members and Other Guests

Approval of Minutes of 1998 Meeting


  • President’s Report: P. T. Eubank
  • Vice-President’s Report: G. G. Lipscomb
  • Executive Secretary Report: R. A. Davis
  • Treasurer’s Report: W. P. Walawender
  • Past President’s Report: A. J. Perna

Discussion Topics

  • National Web Page
    Professor Lipscomb has begun a new web page at the University of Toledo, which will go on-line next June when he becomes President of the Society (subject to vote).
  • Changes in National Leadership
    Professor Lipscomb and Professor Davis are the young leaders who insure the future of the Society.
  • New Chapters
    Tennessee Tech and Rutgers University have had new chapters approved. Others are pending. Tennessee Tech has now been chartered as the Beta Rho Chapter of Omega Chi Epsilon. We extend our congratulations to Dr. J. Richard Booth, Advisor, and to the student officers for their efforts in the creation of this fine chapter.
  • Delinquent Chapters
    Chapters who do not report new officers and/or new initiates for one year are considered delinquent: please keep us informed! We have checked into a number of our ~14 delinquent chapters and found that most have already taken steps to get back on their feet.
  • Finances
    What we support and our accumulation of funds: National continues to accumulate funds due to our growing membership but the rate of accumulation has slowed with our increase in support for Student Awards of AIChE.
  • Ways to Increase the Visibility of the Society
    Report on our booth: the booth was a success but our location was not as good as the previous year at Miami Beach when we were right at the entrance to AIChE registration. We had a new banner on display at the booth so nobody could miss us.
  • Regalia activities
    Sales of Stoles & Cords continue to be good. The Society has recently re-invested in our inventories to insure lower prices for the Chapters. Our website has been updated to reflect shipping costs associated with regalia deliveries.
  • Association of College Honor Societies Honorees
    The Association of College Honor Societies has asked for the names of five people (no more than two deceased) most responsible for the development and growth of Omega Chi Epsilon to honor with a Certificate of Distinction. The Executive Committee selected: (1) William Cunningham of The University of Texas, (2) Edwin Eisen of McNeese State University, (3) George Burnet of Iowa State University, (4) Angelo Perna of the New Jersey Institute of Technology, and (5) Walter Walawender of Kansas State University as its honorees.